One thing you should know about me (if you don’t already) is that I can get pretty fired up. Today, I’m pretty darn fired up. Would you like to know why I’m so committed and passionate about Granola Babes? It’s not just that I’m in love with my essential oils. It’s so much more than that. It’s because I believe SO STRONGLY and with every fiber of my being in EDUCATING, ENCOURAGING and EMPOWERING others toward a life of health and wellness using NATURAL remedies. I believe that you have the right to make informed and educated decisions about your and your family’s health. We have been given this body and no one is going to care more about it or take better care of it than you. The problem arises when we entrust others with it. I have said a billion times that I am not anti-doctor nor anti-modern medicine. Without question I am grateful that we have them. However, If I have done my research and have decided to make a personal choice as related to my own health then I want to be respected for that. I refuse to  accept mainstream thought as the standard for my health decisions. Take the food pyramid as an example. The USDA has changed it several times since it’s inception in 1917. Why is that? Our bodies haven’t changed so why have our nutritional needs changed? Hmmmmm. Asbestos and lead were both considered safe and used in homes, but today we know them to be extremely harmful. Anyway, I am going on a little rant as a result of something that happened to me yesterday. This event in and of itself is really not a huge deal and I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill but it was a HUGE reminder to me of what we are up against in our society.

Yesterday was my daughter, Sofia’s 6 month checkup at her dentist. This is how it typically goes: I walk to the front desk to check my daughter in. The nice lady smiles and gives me a form to update and proceeds to go over what they will be doing for her during her appointment. “X-rays, cleaning, exam, fluoride treatment…” I tell them, as I have done EVERY time she goes to her appointment, “No fluoride, she will not be needing a fluoride treatment, thank you.” I cringe because I then know the reaction and response I will get because I get it every time. As though I have 3 heads and don’t want the best possible care for my child I hear, “Oh, no fluoride???” I smile and say, “nope!” I don’t really feel as though I need to give an explanation for my choice but I am prepared to do so if needed. You may even find yourself asking why I choose not to allow my child to use fluoride. Here’s the deal:

  • Research links fluoridated water consumption to thyroid dysfunction, ADHD, reduced IQ, bone fluorosis, increased bone fracture rates, and endocrine disruption.
  • There has been more litigation on alleged damage to agriculture by fluoride than all other pollutants combined. –Dr. Leonard Weinstein, Cornell University 1983
  • Fluoride increases acidity in the mouth.
  • Fluoride isn’t even approved by the FDA for the prevention of cavities.
  • Recent research has also linked water fluoridation with higher prevalence of ADHD. Using a predictive model, the researchers show that every one percent increase in the portion of the US population drinking fluoridated water in 1992 was associated with 67,000 additional cases of ADHD 11 years later, and an additional 131,000 cases 19 years later.
  • 97% of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation.

The research is out there and there is more than just what I have bulleted, but this is enough for me. So, when I tell the dental hygienist I do not want my daughter to get fluoride it isn’t because I’m an idiot mother who doesn’t care for her child. Continuing my story, my daughter goes back with the hygienist while I wait in the waiting room. Eventually I am called back to speak with the dentist about how my daughter’s teeth are doing. During the conversation the dentist asked Sofia if she had any questions. Sofia asked why she wasn’t supposed to eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. The dentist explained that after a fluoride treatment that was what needed to be done. I looked at the hygienist and said that Sofia was not supposed to have a fluoride treatment. The hygienist said, “oh, she didn’t have fluoride today.” I knew right then and there that she was flat out lying to me. When Sofia and I got into the car I asked her for a detailed play by play of what the exam entailed. Sure enough, after the cleaning, flossing and scraping the hygienist applied a “gel type stuff” to my daughter’s teeth with a toothbrush and did not rinse it off, telling my daughter not to eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.

At this point I am shaking mad. I was mad for several reasons. First off I had mentioned 3 times prior to her appointment that I did not want my child to have fluoride. Secondly, I was lied to. This does not fly with me. I called the dentist office and voiced my feelings in a calm yet stern fashion. Of course the woman on the other end said she was sorry and didn’t know why that had happened. It doesn’t matter really at this point because my confidence has been lost in this dentist. I will not be taking my daughter back to this place. This dental practice may not agree with my opinion and stance on fluoride but I will not stand for someone else making a decision for my child. I will not be disregarded or made to feel like I’m a horrible parent because I will not go along with what is considered the norm. Nor will I be lied to about what was done with my child.

Most of the population buy things, put things in and on their bodies without any consideration whatsoever. I have chosen to be extra critical and aware of the stuff out there and not blindly trust that it’s safe…just for the mere fact that it’s available for consumption. I realize this is a delicate comparison but I feel that if a woman is allowed to have an abortion (because it is her body to do with what she wants) then I should have the right to do what I want with mine in regards to health choices. I’m well aware that there are people who believe that fluoride is perfectly safe. To those I say that is your right. However, I have done some leg work on this topic and I choose to remove the risk by avoiding it altogether. After all, why is it that you’re not supposed to eat or drink anything after receiving a fluoride treatment? Maybe because it’s toxic if you swallow it! Sounds kind of contradictory to me considering our mouths are highly vascular, absorb substances very quickly and then enter our bloodstream. You’re also suppose to call poison control if your child swallows more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Again, this should be a red flag.

Oh, did I also mention that fluoride has been used in rat poison?

All I’m trying to say here is, do your research. You have the right to know the risks associated with the products you use. You also have the right to stand up to a healthcare professional and challenge their reasons for making the claims they do. I want you to know that you need to be the CEO of your own health. You have the ultimate say in how your body should be treated. Again, I probably need to emphasize that I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to your doctor. I’m simply hoping to empower you to ask lots of questions, do your research, and make an educated decision. Then, stand firm in your convictions despite what others may say. And one last thing, don’t be distracted by flashy, appealing marketing. Just because a product or a business does a lot to attract a certain demographic does not equate to quality or safety.

Check out this website for some interesting info regarding fluoride. 

The safe products my family uses to promote good oral health:

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p.s. please excuse any typos or grammar mistakes…caffeine and my passion are at fault. ; )

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