Many people don’t realize that essential oils can be safely ingested….but, let me be very clear that this statement is only true of pure, unadulterated, organic and therapeutic grade essential oils. I trust Young Living solely for this reason. I cannot recommend or promote any other essential oil company.

Essential oils compliment and support healthy systems of the body. They are not vodoo or a “magic pill.” Every oil has it’s own unique and complex chemical blueprint that can assist the body in its normal functions. Our bodies are designed perfectly and are working all of the time to maintain health, but we do things that inhibit the normal and natural functions it’s supposed to carry out. From our aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, diseases and cancer, we all know that optimal health isn’t always achieved. If our bodies have been designed perfectly then why do we get sick? In a nutshell: garbage in, garbage out. The food choices we make and the toxic chemicals we are exposed to disrupt and hinder the way our bodies are supposed to work. Our body doesn’t metabolize the toxic substances we put into it. Even though it is quite efficient at eliminating harmful substances, it is not without a price. These toxins disrupt the normal cell cycle, weaken the immune system, tax the systems of the body and get trapped and stored in our fatty tissues. Studies are showing that do to our highly chemical world the rate at which we absorb these toxins is far exceeding the rate at which our bodies can remove them.

more than smell goodOur immune system is at work every second of the day attacking germs, bacteria and viruses that are in our environment. It is imperative that our immune system stays strong. There isn’t just one thing in particular that we should be doing to have health, vitality and protection. Good, foundational health comes when we practice well-rounded habits. Adequate sleep, proper hydration, exercise, good nutrition, oxygen, and reducing stress are just a few necessities of life that keep us in balance and feeling good. We stay healthy when we support and nourish our body.

This is not just another post about what not to put in and on our bodies. Obviously this is a critical element for overall health. I want to suggest another means for helping our bodies stay healthy and strong. In this next 30 days we will be focusing on oil-infused nutrition. Essential oils provide nutritional benefits as well as cell “housekeepers.” Essential oils are 70-80% carbon and are good at supporting the cleansing of toxins, heavy metals, allergens, and even pathogenic microbe residues. Drinking lots of water, eating foods high in fiber, exercise and using essential oils will will also aid the body in the necessary cleansing process.

Have you ever wondered if all the supplements and vitamins you are taking are helping you at all? Chances are pretty good that the only thing they are doing in your body is sitting in your stomach, which is not the place where absorption occurs. The small intestine is the site of virtually all nutrient absorption. Therapeutic-grade essential oils act as catalysts to help with nutrient absorption as well as assisting in the removal of cellular wastes. Most Young Living supplements are dissolved and assimilated by the body within a couple hours. Taking them throughout the day will provide better nutrient assimilation

When I first began my essential oil journey I had no idea Young Living offered supplements. Now, my family and I incorporate many of them as well as essential oils into our “diet.” It has become a normal way of life for us. It might seem strange or foreign to you but I want you to be adventurous and allow me to help you implement essential oils into your daily nutrition. Here are the ground rules:


image1. If you have a medical condition and are taking prescription meds please consult your physician prior to using essential oils internally.
2. Always follow the instructions on the bottle for dietary supplementation.
3. Essential oils are potent and certain ones should be diluted as the bottle suggests.Tips:

  • Place several drops of oil into a gelatin capsule and swallow with water.
  • Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a glass of water, NingXia Red, juice, yogurt, your favorite sweetener (my favorite is raw honey), or plant-based milk and swallow
  • Add 1-2 drops of oil to meals when cooking.
  • Place a drop of essential oil under the tongue.

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