I don’t know why it comes as such a surprise to me but I’m always in awe when I hear stories of kids loving essential oils and asking for them. These kiddos don’t know the science behind the oils, they don’t know why and how they work, they just know that they like the smell and it makes them happy. That is all. Despite my obsession with essential oils, my daughter, Sofia, was not a fan….at first. Over the years Sofia began to see firsthand that the oils actually “work” but it wasn’t until she came down with a tummy ache and experienced the relief of peppermint oil that she opened up to them and believed in their “powers.”

I have to admit, she doesn’t use them daily in the ways that I do, but she no longer hesitates using them when she isn’t feeling well. It actually further strengthens my belief in them because I have watched my skeptic, trying-new-things-resistant daughter become converted. We all know as parents, that the more we push something, the more opposition we’re going to get. This was true of Sofia. It couldn’t come from me forcing them on her. She needed to experience the oils for herself in order to see their relevance and her need for them.

When you’re sick you want the pain and discomfort to go away as soon as possible. There comes a point when you’ll try anything to just feel better. I have not purchased an over the counter drug or filled a prescription in 3 years. It’s not that I’m anti-medicine, it’s just that I will exhaust my natural remedy resources before I dip into pharmaceuticals that are laced with harmful ingredients and nasty short- and long-term side-effects. I refuse to expose my family or myself to such ingredients. Sofia has heard me talk and teach enough that she has learned that there are safer, more natural options from which to choose.

Almost every time I leave my house and am around other people I hear, “You smell good, what is that?” They know it’s different. It doesn’t smell synthetic, fake or overwhelming. It’s a pure, natural, ever-so-slight scent that elicits a calm, easy reaction. Perhaps that is why children respond so favorably to essential oils. A family friend has a daycare and she uses the oils daily with, and around, the kiddos (with permission of course). My nephew, who goes there, will walk over to her and pull at her shirt and take a big sniff so he can smell the oils on her. He loves them! The kiddos stick their feet up in the air while she applies the oils to the bottoms of their tootsies. They know the drill and they welcome it. I couldn’t be happier about this.

Last night Sofia came down with the sniffles. She felt icky enough to allow me to put a number of oils on her feet, chest and forehead…not because she wants to smell like a pizza but because she know they will help her feel better. We snuggled up in bed and knowing she would nestle her head on me I rubbed Myrtle EO on my chest so that she could breath in the aroma that would help her stuffy nose. Like I expected, her breathing became less labored and she was asleep within minutes. It brings me such satisfaction knowing that I can safely and effectively help my daughter. This is one of the main reasons why I teach others about oils….empowerment.

If you come around me know one thing, you will be exposed to secondhand oiling. You WILL breathe in the aroma of the oodles of essential oils I put on my body every day. If by some strange chance you have children who don’t want to use the oils personally, they can still benefit from them by your diffusing them and putting them on your body so that they can smell them when they are around you. Find ways to empower them. For example, have them choose their favorite oil and put a drop on their stuffed animal or blanket at night. Ask them to choose which oils they want to put in the diffuser. Purchase them a diffuser necklace or bracelet to which essential oils can be applied so that they can experience the oils all day. Make up pre-diluted bottles of essential oils for them to use by themselves in your presence. Sofia has her own bottle of diluted peppermint with a roller fitment that she can apply herself when her tummy is off. Obviously, use your judgement on the dilution ratio and age-appropriateness. For young kiddos take a 5 ml empty essential oil bottle, fill it halfway with organic fractionated coconut oil or olive oil and add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. Top it with a roller fitment for easy use. Lavender is the “Swiss Army knife of EOs” and safe for even infants so this pre-diluted blend is a great place to start.

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