Hello fellow Granola Babes!  I am honored to have been asked by Teri McCallum to share a story with you.  The one thing that came to mind was to share with you the reason I was drawn to, and became involved with Young Living.  

The inspiration in my soul is driven by my late brother-in-law, Rock Groupe, whom most of you might have heard of.  
At the age of 42 he was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in February 2013, and he lost his battle on January 21, 2014.  Rock lived up to his name for many reasons, but he certainly was my Rock, in that his being became an inspiration for me to try and live out what I have believed in for so many years.  Rock and I had so many deep discussions in his last year of living, ones that opened my eyes, and helped me to remember our very purpose in life, which is to help and serve others.  We had this in common,  him and I.  It’s so very easy to pretend as if we’re living every day as if it’s our last day on Earth, but unfortunately most of the time it takes facing a life altering disease to make you truly change the way that you live your days and to realize what’s really important.

Rock was deeply affected by the constant kindness and generosity shown to him while he was in the hospital.  He started to speak with me on how much it affected him, and how much time he started to spend thinking how he could live the rest of his life affecting others and making a difference in their lives.  We connected on this level, as he knew this was my life’s goal…I just didn’t know how to go about starting that process.  His dream, once he beat cancer, was to become involved with running charities that would allow others to afford the opportunity to receive healthy and natural healing when faced with a disease such as cancer.  He also wanted to begin ministering to as many people as he possibly could, and walk with others in their faith by sharing God’s Word every chance he was able.  He so badly wanted to take his experience and share it with others in hopes to affect at least one person.  I can’t think of any better inspiration. Someone who takes a potentially fatal disease and turns it into an opportunity to help others is truly extraordinary, especially at a time in their life when it would be easier to turn away from others and lose all hope and faith.

In honor of Rock

My boyfriend Matt has suffered most of his life from auto immune conditions that run in his family, and we had been researching natural healing truths for years before Rock was even diagnosed.  We would constantly hear about how little information is actually provided on healing through nutrition, but it was very hard to believe.  Once Rock was diagnosed we realized first hand how little knowledge exists in our society of the various forms of natural healing available.  This is not knowledge that is willingly given to others, especially from medical doctors and nurses. My dream started to take shape, and I knew, especially after many conversations with Rock, that I was meant to share this knowledge with anyone I could reach.  I still was unable to determine what that would look like and how I would get started.

However, something inside of me changed on January 9, 2015 when I attended my first Young Living class.  I fell in love with the idea that these oils could help aid in the process of sickness and healing. Sure they don’t completely take the place of necessary medicines or remedies, however, most medicines are simply a “Band-Aid” to help fix the symptoms in the moment.  The idea that the these oils could help prevent any sickness from the very beginning stages is something I wanted to stand behind because it’s what I believe in.  Since then I have done further research, attended more classes, and listened to audio presentations given by Gary Young.  I have a new-found respect for the exceptional value of Young Living and everything they stand for.  They take so much pride in the quality of their oils, and it’s beyond admirable.  This is a company that believes in the well being of every single individual and that is pretty remarkable considering we live in a society that believes in convenience which never equates to a pure, healthy well-being. They stand behind their name, and every single ingredient that is infused in this process, and I want to stand behind them.  I can’t explain how excited I am to learn even more about the essential oils and other products Young Living offers, and to share them with anyone I can.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people are hungry for this information.  They long for other alternatives where they don’t have to always run to the pharmacy or the doctors offices and spend a small fortune on antibiotics and drugs that will only help for a certain small period of time.  There is a deep need for knowledge on how to build an immune system, or treat a symptom the natural way, or to prevent it from the beginning.  But it will take the work of you and me to spread the word of this amazing product, and to share with the world what an impact it can have.

Rock’s 44th birthday will fall on Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor his heart and soul, than by sharing this with you. He was my true inspiration, and his words to me are what drives me every single day to continue working towards serving others.  I am beyond thankful that I was introduced to Young Living, and I am so excited to become involved with this inspirational and life changing company.

Jessie Anderson

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