I’m not going to pretend to have a green thumb or claim that I know all there is to know about plants. I don’t know what happened, but I’m currently obsessed with growing my houseplant collection. I’ve acquired several in the last few weeks. And I work very hard to keep my houseplants alive.

Every day I inspect my plants, touch the soil, talk to the new buds and leaves like I’m talking to a baby, and then smile. They make me really happy, and there’s something extremely gratifying when you can see them grow. 

What I don’t like about having houseplants is the occasional critter I find in the soil. It grosses me out! Time to grab my oils! I began searching for healthy and safe ways to keep the bugs away without harming my plants.

I was delighted to discover that the vast majority of “oily gardeners” swear by Thieves Household Cleaner and a handful of essential oils. I love knowing that this is a tried and true way to deter pests and keep plants healthy without using toxic chemicals.

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Tip #1 – Fill an empty gallon jug with water and 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner. Use this solution to water your plants.

Tip #2 – Stick a few 4-inch bamboo skewers most of the way into the soil, leaving 1/2 in. exposed. Place 1-2 drops of Peppermint, Cedarwood, Rosemary, or Thieves to the exposed skewer. This will help to deter bugs and cats.

Tip #3 – Place several lava stone beads/stones on top of the plant’s soil. Put a drop of the above mentioned oils to the stones to help deter bugs and cats.

Tip #4 – Extend the life of your cut flowers. Put a drop of DiGize or Purification in a glass vase, then fill with water. Add your cut flowers and enjoy. Change out water weekly by repeating steps.

Tip #5 – Keep your kitties away from your plants by rubbing Peppermint oil along the rim of your plant pots. Cats also do not like Eucalyptus, Lime, Lemongrass, and Lavender.

Repel ants, aphids, flies, and beetles:

  • 8 ounce glass spray bottle
  • 1/2 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 10 drops each of Rosemary, Clove, Peppermint, and Cedarwood

Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Spray on dirt and plant. Scroll down for my cheat sheet!

Healthy Growth Spray

Healthy Growth Spray

  • 8 ounce glass spray bottle
  • 5 drops each of Lemongrass, Geranium, and Frankincense

Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake and spray around base and roots of plants.

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