I used to spend so much time in Bath and Body Works. I took the time to smell everything in that place. Makes me cringe now. 

The fragrance alone is one of these most toxic ingredients in all their soaps, lotions, body washes, candles, and air fresheners. Unfortunately, the word “fragrance” on any ingredient list means, “there are more chemicals in here (up to 300 more) that we don’t have to tell you about because we are protected by trade secret laws.” This isn’t limited to just Bath & Body. This should infuriate you because as a consumer, you should know what you’re buying.

Hand Soap

These chemicals mess with your endocrine and reproductive systems… think hormones, thyroid, etc. Did you know Triclosan is a classified pesticide? It’s in most antibacterial soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers, and toothpaste. And it’s in Bath & Body hand soaps. Triclosan is toxic to us, especially the thyroid. It can be linked to obesity. To top it all off, it’s bad for our environment, water systems, and aquatic life.

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap is plant-based, nontoxic and infused with essential oils. It safely cleans your hands and will get rid of the yuck… the yuck you’re trying to get rid of with those other soaps. As a mom, this matters to me.

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