Granola Team Builders

We are members of an elite group of people actively sharing and promoting a health, wellness, and abundance lifestyle through Young Living Essential Oils. It's about being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. We have the incredible opportunity to witness lives being changed and know that we can impact generations to come. Our featured Granola Babes are excited about sharing with others the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils and the healthy lifestyle they support.

Introduction to the Young Living Business

How to Teach a Class

1. Purchase the Premium Starter Kit

2. Enroll in the Essential Rewards Program

3. Share Young Living with 3 people every month

How to Be Successful in Your YL Business

How to Fail Miserably at Your YL Business:

  1. Do Not follow up with people
  2. Do Not give a call to action
  3. Do Not share the business with anyone
  4. Become the oil expert
  5. Do Not plug into the duplicable system
  6. Do Not appreciate your customers
  7. Do Not invest in yourself
  8. Do Not have a set work schedule
  9. Do Not set goals or create a vision for your future
  10. Do Not invest back into your business

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